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A ghost who has only a lay knowledge of the subject will be able to keep asking the same questions as the lay reader, and will therefore open up the potential readership of the book to a much wider audience.
Robert Harris, The Ghost 

Everyone has a story in them, but not everyone has the skills to write that story. If you have ever dreamed of being an author, but don’t feel you can write, a ghostwriter will make your dreams come true. 

The Literary Professionals ghostwriting service can bring your idea and story to life; evolving your idea into a fully-developed, beautifully-crafted book that you take the credit for.

If you’ve ever considered putting your life story and family history together into a book for your family – a ghostwriter can help.

If you have an original novel idea, but not the time or skills to write the story – a ghostwriter can help.

If you have business advice you want to share with a larger audience – a ghostwriter can help.

If you’re an expert in your field, and want to build your professional profile and enhance your credibility –  a ghostwriter can help.

The process

The process takes between four and six months from start to finish.

After an initial fact-finding meeting with your ghostwriter a contract is issued and, on agreement, the project kicks off. You are the owner of the book, the book is credited to you, and a confidential contract is created which transfers all ownership rights to the client.

The research and writing process involves several regular interview sessions with the ghostwriter to work on building the structure and developing the content into chapters appropriate to the genre and format of the book.

After each chapter is completed the client will be given the opportunity to review and give feedback.

Once all the chapters are written a full edit and proofread of the book will be undertaken.

Ghostwriting is a collaborative process, you supply the content and we write the book.

The ghostwriter will carry out (limited) research and support you with ideas and suggestions as the process develops.

When you are happy with the content, and your story has been brought to life, the book is delivered in a word file.

We are happy to help you move your book further along the publishing process after the book is completed by assisting with areas like:

  • Publishing options and platforms
  • Interior and cover design

Prices on application: Please email

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