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The Literary Professionals is a boutique literary services agency.

TLP is a collective of highly-qualified literary experts from all areas of publishing, many of whom work directly in-house in publishing companies or freelance for industry clients. Together, we provide a range of unparalleled services for writers and professionals involved in the book and publishing industry.

Our mission is two-fold…

1. We know how publishing works and like to help writers achieve their aims.

2. We have a passion for books and publishing and believe that this is an industry where we can really make a difference.

Our aims are:

  • To help writers improve their craft
  • To support and assist writers on their journey to getting published
  • To guide writers in their quest to find the right publisher and agent for their work

The literary Professionals is founded and run by Emma Walsh, a leading industry expert with over 15 years’ experience. Emma has worked for and with booksellers, publishers, writers, agents and other organizations  in the literary business in a wealth of guises. She has published, publicized, agented, marketed, bought and sold books of all kinds and eats, sleeps and breathes the written word.

If you haven’t read one of her book reviews in The Irish Independent, you might have seen her talking books on TV3, or heard her speaking about publishing in the Irish Writers Centre…  When it comes to books, she knows her stuff and in TLP she’s gathered together the best of the best to share their knowledge and expertise.

Emma Walsh, Literary Expert
Emma Walsh – Founder

Emma Walsh has worked in the book, literary and publishing industry for over 15 years......

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TLP is a collective of highly-qualified literary experts from all areas across the publishing industry ...