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The scariest moment is always just before you start.’
– Stephen King, On Writing

If you’re a writer with a half-formed idea or have a book completed but you’re not sure what to do or where to go next then our range of consultancy services will help. Finding an agent and getting published are the goals of most writers but writing the best book you can write will take you half-way there.

We offer a range of services to writers that will provide the right kid of advice, information, guidance and recommendations they might need to progress their project to the next stage. Whether you want to flesh out the germ of an idea that needs fleshing out, ask questions about publishing and how to get your work in print or ask for an informed expert opinion on whether a half-written book is a viable prospect this service is the answer.

Our one-to-one consultancy services match you up with a TLP consultant who is best positioned to help you with your particular project and provide the best writer’s advice . Our consultancy sessions are informed by an expert knowledge of what publishers are looking for and what will work in the current market. We will deliver an objective examination of the strengths and weaknesses of your work situated within the genre you write in, the current trends in publishing and the particular treatment you have given your book to help you get to the next level.

We offer both online and face to face consultations or 1-2-1’s. These consultations are currently only available in the Greater Dublin region. This personal one-to-one session is tailored to you and your work and provides a platform for discussing the intricacies or your work and the specific questions you have to plot your path to publication.

In order to get the best out of your consultation we advise writers to submit the following prior to their session:

1. A synopsis of your work and a sample chapter (if you have them ready).
2. A list of the key issues, concerns and questions you would like address in your session.
3. A one page outline of where you are with your work. Reference any submissions you have already made and who they were sent to, what the responses have been and any applicable information related to where you are in the publishing process. In short, if you let us know where you are with your work and where you want to be we can help you in the right way to get there.

How to Buy 
Chose the service you would like, complete the form, upload the relevant documents and make your Paypal payment online. Once we receive all this we will reply with confirmation of your payment and make arrangements for your consultancy session at a time that suits you. Please read the Ts and Cs before making a purchase.

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