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We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.
—Ernest Hemingway

Writers Toolkit is a collection of articles, ideas and advice for writers committed to honing their craft.

It’s the place to drop by when you’re lacking inspiration, needing motivation or simply having a bout of writers’ block. We’ll do our best to encourage and support you through our words and the wise words of writers who have gone before you.

Happy writing!

Using Quotations

Quotations can add a lot to a book. In novels, quotes can add a layer of...

Books for Writers from TLP
Books for Writers

It's not easy, writing. Who said it was? It's definitely a skill that grows the more...

copyright information
Copyright Information

One common concern among writers is the issue of copyright; both how to protect their own...

Writing exercises to help you become a better writer
Writing Exercises

Writing exercises are a great way to get started particularly if you're suffering from the dreaded...

The Chaos of the English Language

As writers, our tool is our language. As writers in the English language, we utilise at...

Websites for writers
Writing Websites

There are a gazillion brilliant sites full of incredibly useful information about writing and the publishing...