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The Literary Professionals’ services are all about excellence and all about achieving results.

As a collection of professionals we know what works and what doesn’t across many areas of publishing; from writing to editing, promoting to selling and these services are delivered with one aim in mind – to help our clients get to where they need to be…

If that destination is to get published, sell more books, improve their writing, or secure an agent, then that’s what were we take them.

Our services fall into three distinct areas:

Editorial Services

These are primarily manuscript based services specifically designed to help writers move their work forward from manuscript status to publication. Editorial Services include:

  • Manuscript Assessment
  • Editing
  • Submission Assessment
  • Reader Reports

Consultancy Services

These services are designed for writers who need advice on various aspects of the publishing and literary business whether that’s how to negotiate a publishing contract, or how to market and sell a book. These services include:

  • Publishing One-2-One
  • Book PR
  • Contract Consultancy
  • Writers Consultancy

Industry Services

These are a package of services based on our expertise aimed particularly towards other organisations working within the industry and comprise:

  • Cover Design
  • Book Publicity Campaigns
  • Arts Programming
  • Media Appearances
  • Talks & Workshops

You can explore each of the services in more detail below.

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Industry Services

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