Manuscript Assessment

Manuscript Assessment

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Easy reading is damn hard writing.
– Nathaniel Hawthorne

For writers who have finished their first draft and want to take the next step to producing a piece of work that is in the best shape it can possible be for submission to agents and publishers, Manuscript Assessment is the service you need.

The Literary Professionals provide a commercially-minded, objective, honest and practical appraisal service that will help you move forward with you work. With the expert knowledge of what publishers are looking for and what will work in the current market, we assess your manuscript; tell you what’s wrong with it and more importantly how to fix it. The aim: to help you prepare it so that when it comes to being picked up by an agent or publisher your manuscript will be in the best shape it can be and your opportunities will be maximised.

Your appraisal report will provide you with an honest, well-informed critique of your work, from both a literary and commercial perspective, that you can use to work on and improve your book prior to submitting it to agents and/or publishers.

Your appraisal report will contain market-aware advice based on what publishers are currently buying and what is currently selling in the Irish and UK markets. The appraisal will provide an objective examination of the strengths and weaknesses of your work but it will situate this analysis within the genre you write in, the current trends in publishing and the particular treatment you have given your book.

The appraisal report will look at some or all (where applicable) of the following factors: Publishing potential – Marketability – Style – Writing Skills – Structure – Characterisation – Plot – Flow – Dialogue – Genre – Audience.

The output for you will be a personalised report on completion of your appraisal –  a frank and honest critique of your work from a publishing expert that will help you to move forward in this fiercely competitive literary market, helping you to reduce the risk of unnecessary rejections and maximise your opportunity for success. You will also have the opportunity for a one hour phone conversation with your TLP Consultant once you have digested your report to ask any questions you might have or get clarification or advice on any further points.


  • Pricing is calculated by the word count of your manuscript.
  • You will be invited to upload your manuscript for us and make payment securely through Paypal.
  • Please ensure you are calculating the word count of your ms accurately before making a purchase.
  • In order to get the most from your assessment writers should submit the following with their manuscript: A synopsis and a brief list of the key issues, concerns and questions you would like particularly addressed in your report. Any previous submission history is also helpful.
  • We will reply within 5 (working) days with any questions and a schedule for completion.

Please read the Ts and Cs here.

Manuscript Assessment

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    Accepted file types: doc, pdf.
    Please upload your manuscript in .doc or .pdf format, don't forget your synopsis.
  • Please select the word count of your manuscript.