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Here are a few reviews from people we’ve worked with in the past:

Wonderfully professional, knowledgeable & experienced, and unquestionably the very best literary consultancy in Irish publishing. Highly recommended.
Melissa Hill, International Best-selling Author

I’m indebted to Emma Walsh for her comprehensive and detailed review of my young adult novel. Thanks to her insight, I did a major rewrite, and Don’t Feed the Fairies reached the Quarter Final of this year’s Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award and has been published by Fantasy Island Book Publishing. I’m still slightly shocked by it, but my book is on sale to the public.
Eileen Gormley, AKA Evie Hunter (author of The Pleasures of Winter)

I’m absolutely thrilled with the insightful and astute advice that Emma gave me. This consultation has pretty much re-invigorated my entire enterprise with a more thought-out, focussed path laid out before me. Emma combined a rigorous and critical eye with a lovely warm and funny manner so that her constructive criticism was easy to handle. Emma didn’t only give editorial advice, she also gave shrewd practical advice that is incredibly helpful. I left the consultation feeling I hadn’t paid enough and that I owed more for such wise help and advice. I honestly couldn’t recommend Emma highly enough.
Stella Thompson, Psychotherapist and writer

Many thanks again for all of your hard work and effort it’s really propelled the book! I’m sure we’re going to be requiring your services again!
Liverpool University Press, Book Publishers

I had the great pleasure of working with Emma during the editorial, production and publication phases for my 3rd novel, Three of a Kind. She is insightful and thorough with a keen and informed eye.  Emma possesses a charming blend of warmth and diplomacy coupled with complete professionalism and astute commercial savvy. I would be delighted for the opportunity to work alongside her in the future.
Alison Norrington, Author

In 2009 Emma and her staff conducted two PR campaigns for us in a very friendly, effective and efficient manner. This helped not only to heighten awareness of the books concerned but also raised our company profile with beneficial results. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services to others in the industry.
Con Collins, Collins Press, Leading Irish Book Publishers

Thanks to Emma my memoir is now ready for submission for publication. During her time spent assisting me to edit and layout my memoir she was helpful at all times and encouraged me with her positive comments and suggestions. Since this was my first attempt at publishing any form of material I owe her a deep sense of gratitude and would have no reservations at seeking her help again.
Jack Lynch, Writer

Fantastic! I now have direction, which is what I was looking for, for years.  Your advice is enlightening, your conduct professional, straightforward and very reasonably priced. Your experience is a valuable mine of information. I learned a lot. Thank you Emma.
Diarmuid Lavelle, BA Dip.Writer, Counsellor

When my book A Tragedy of Errors was published the promotional efforts of Emma for a work of particular interest to Irish readers were highly professional and simply invaluable.
Sir Kenneth Bloomfield, Writer, Former Head of the Northern Ireland Civil Service, former Northern Ireland Victims’ Commissioner 

I had no clear idea about how the whole publishing process worked. Emma’s exceptional ability to help me develop a vision and focus on my writing is unparalleled. The Literary Professionals take genuine pride in the work they do for their clients. And the results show. I would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting to get started.
Eddie Daughton, Writer 

As a writer anxious to keep his book, published four years ago, in the public domain, I contacted Emma to see what advice she had to offer. When we met it was clear she had done her homework and she made a number of suggestions as to how I might try to keep the book on the shelves. Her ideas were practical and helpful and her advice was delivered with perception and enthusiasm. She is also a most pleasant person to talk with and our meeting was more an enjoyable chat than a business meeting. I can highly recommend her services to anyone keen to progress their writing career.
Conor Fennell, Author of Joyce in Paris   

Any newbie writer viewing this TLP website, don’t feel disheartened by the seasoned writers who have left feedback. I am a novice writer and have been inspired by Emma’s effective ideas and vision for my characters. You will be guided and informed with an honest view of what is required to get your manuscript in the best possible format before you submit it. I was somewhat stubborn in making changes to my writing due to lacking confidence. After reading Emma’s critique report and chapter notes I am determined to push forward editing and tweaking my storyline. If you have a story you believe in and are prepared to work hard at developing it for the market then seek professional advice from TLP. Emma’s words ‘A poor story told beautifully will achieve more than a good story told poorly’ resonates with me.
John Conroy, Emerging Writer 

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We welcome all reviews and love to get feedback. Have you got a review of The Literary Professionals? We’d love to hear what you thought of our work.

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