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March 7, 2023
Sailing to Antarctica
Just completed work on this fascinating book: Sailing to Antarctica by Joe Phelan. It's a really...

Ghostwriting services

February 9, 2023
The Literary Professionals ghostwriting service will bring your story to life. Turning your idea into a...

Book publishing and writing services

November 27, 2017
Clients & Projects
We have been lucky and honoured to work with a wide variety of clients and authors...

Book publishing and writing services

October 18, 2017
Industry Services
If you need to prepare a creative and effective book marketing and promotional plan, we can...

Emma Walsh - The Literary Professionals

February 7, 2017
Emma Walsh
Emma Walsh has worked in the industry for 20 years in many guises, including as a...

Emma Murray at The Literary Professionals

February 7, 2017
Emma Murray
Emma Murray is an author and ghost-writer and specialises in developmental editing, ghost-writing, functional writing and...

TLP - See What They Say

March 20, 2015
What They Say
Reviews of The Literary Professionals - see why others have chosen us...

What we do

July 5, 2013
What we do…
We help writers write better, help publishers sell more books and generally work hard to bring...

July 2, 2013
Manuscript Editing
Editing your manuscript is about unveiling the beauty within. If you want to get published you...