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Looking to develop your writing skills? We firmly believe that writing ability can be honed and developed.

We also believe that the best writers work hard at it and constantly try to improve their work. There are a great deal of writers courses out there for writers keen to learn more about their craft and it can be difficult to know where to start. We’ve put together information on some great writing courses and places to visit for those looking to advance their literary skills.

The Irish Writers Centre

Ireland’s leading literary venue offers a vast range of courses and classes to suit every level of writing skill and genre.

They’ve coded their programmes into the following categories to help guide writers in selecting a course to suit them:

Beginner:  For the novice writer: will help you find your way into your own writing through practical, creative and supportive means with an experience professional facilitator.

Emerging:  For writers who have dabbled and attended courses in the past, the emerging series will allow you to perfect your skills and develop your creative abilities.

Specialised: Crossover workshops for emerging to experienced writers confident in their own area of expertise, but curious to come out of the comfort zones. Gain new ideas and skills in different forms, genres or styles or push along to publication.

Prof. Development:  Led by industry professionals these workshops are designed to help the published writer to work on essential skills that are part and parcel of being a writer in the public eye.

Their courses include:

Beginners Creative Writing, Feature Writing, Crime Writing Introduction to Playwriting, Poetry, Historical Fiction, Writing Short Stories, Writing for Film and TV, Writing Memoir, and Fantasy writing, among others.

Download their spring programme here.

The Big Smoke Writing Factory

The Big Smoke Writing Factory is an established literary venue that provides creative writing classes for emerging and developing writers. Staffed by writers they pride themselves on not only helping writers develop but also providing a platform for new writers to share their work.

They offer a range of courses in fiction, poetry, non-fiction and various genres running for 6- 8 weeks at a time. They also run regular one day courses and some handy drop in writing sessions that you can attend on a pay as you go basis. For those who can’t attend the courses and classes they run a range of online modules that can be enrolled on from any location. Throughout the year various literary events and talks are held for readers and writers.

View their Spring Programme here.